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Below you’ll find a list of useful art law and general legal resources. These should help you stay up-to-date with legal news (including current art law issues) and provide some advice for those of you thinking about the GDL, VAC schemes, mini-pupillages etc.

This list is by no means exhaustive, so do check it now and again as it is periodically updated and augmented. If you’d like to suggest something additional for our Resources page, please contact the Law Society and let us know.

General Art & Law

All About Law

A combination of courses, legal jobs, and useful advice that’s helpful regardless of whether you’re sure about pursuing law or just considering it; facts, figures, and contacts.

Art Law & More

“The latest in Art and Art Law news, from the specialists at Boodle Hatfield LLP.”

Art Watch International

Watchdog for restoration, conservation, and cultural policy issues and problems – a great source of articles and info on events occurring around the world.

Centre for Art Law

“…serves artists and students, academics and legal practitioners, collectors and dealers, government officials and others in the field, and explores the many facets of this exciting and continually developing field of legal practice. Since 2009, we strived to create a coherent Art Law community and offer a centralized resource for Art and Cultural Heritage Law.”

Institute of Art & Law Blog

Brief articles by members of the IAL team posted regularly on current issues at the intersection of art and law. You can also follow @IAL_art_law on Twitter.

Lawyer 2B

Free membership. Provides news from the law world + reminders for VAC scheme details / deadline reminders. Searchable listings of VAC schemes and updates from top firms aimed at law / non-law students / grads.

Solicitor vs Barrister?

A useful article laying out both paths for those who are undecided, laying out both paths with compare/contrast. Lots of good links, contact details, and videos.

VAC Schemes & Mini-Pupillages

What a VAC scheme entails  | The Guardian

A Guardian article giving you a taste for what a VAC scheme’s like, including some insight into the application process for those of us put off by the application numbers!

VAC Schemes for Non-Law Students | AllAboutLaw

Some advice for second-year non-law students on when and how to apply for VAC schemes.

Available VAC Schemes | AllAboutLaw

Comprehensive listing of over 80 UK VAC schemes with good filtering system so results can be tailored.

Linklaters VAC Schemes

Four-week Summer Vacation Schemes for penultimate-year students studying Las and non-law subjects at UK and Irish universities.

Mini-Pupillages Explained | The Student Lawyer

“What’s a mini-pupillage and how do you get one? We’ll explore work experience for future barristers and discuss how you can secure one for yourself.”

Mini-Pupillage Advice | AllAboutLaw

Advice and support on getting a mini pupillage.

“Mini pupillages aren’t cuter versions of pupillages; they are a great chance to find out whether a career as a barrister is really for you. From finding a pupillage to how to impress on one, delve into our bunch of handy articles.”

Mini-Pupillage Applications | The Bar Council

You’ll find mini-pupillages advertised by all the chambers currently offering them along with closing dates for applications. Links are provided for each position allowing you to contact the relevant chambers directly.

 Short Courses & Programmes

Institute of Art & Law 

Affiliated since 2015 with the Courtauld Law Society. Excellent seminar-based courses and distance-learning programmes for students and professionals alike from the art and legal worlds. IAL members receive discounts on all their events, seminar days, courses, and publications (including their Art, Antiquity, and Law periodical).

The Institute of Art and Law is an educational organisation giving knowledge and perspective on the law relating to cultural heritage a concept which includes art, antiquities, archives, archaeology, architecture, monuments, treasure and much, much more.  IAL’s educational remit is fulfilled through publishing and courses. It convenes distance learning and intensive courses (both public and in-house) on art and museums law, as well as seminars, study groups and conferences in the United Kingdom and abroad.” 

Sotheby’s Art Law for Art World Professionals

A short course held in both the UK and US which “provides an understanding of many of the key legal issues relating to the trade in and ownership of art. Lectures address important areas such as provenance and title in works of art, taxation, legal challenges in trade and ownership, cross border trade issues and intellectual property rights.”

Christies Art, Law & Business MSc

Also run in the UK & USA. A 15-month degree programme covering art history, law, and business. Awarded in cooperation with University of Glasgow. Short courses on Art, Law and Ethics are also available.

Firms & Unis

Centre for Art law | List of Firms

A list of legal firms around the world which can be filtered by ‘art law’ if desired. You’ll also find lists of events, internships, and fellowship programmes. It’s a US site but much of it is equally applicable to the UK.

City University | Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL)

“First developed in 1977, this nationally-renowned course was one of the first of the Common Professional Examination courses (now known as the Graduate Diploma in Law) for non-law graduates wishing to start training for a career in law. The GDL allows students to gain a good foundation in law and fast-track their legal career. Students benefit from the expertise of academic staff at The City Law School, as well as that of leading visiting lecturers and speakers from the legal profession.”

University of Law | Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL)

“Our network of contacts, a dedicated employability service and a reputation in the legal profession mean we also have an outstanding track-record of finding students legal employment. With a clear focus on your future employability, we are more confident than ever in your success and offer our Employment Promise guaranteeing you a job within 9 months or 50% of your money back.”

Queen Mary University School of Law

Besides full legal degrees and awards, Queen Mary also offers short courses, seminars, certificates, diplomas, and distance learning programmes (see their events page). A great supporter of CLS talks and lectures!