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Amanda Gray: ‘The Importance of Due Diligence’

Amanda Gray Profile

Date: February 3rd 2016 | Time: 6pm

Location: F44, New Wing

Amanda is a solicitor at Mischon de Reya (who have both an Art Law and an IP department); she’ll be discussing the importance of due diligence by covering several interesting cases. Mischon were the first specialist art law group and are now an international leader in their field with clients ranging from artists, dealers, and collectors to foundations, museums, and governments. A quick profile on Amanda can be found here.

Introduction to Art Law

Stephanie Wickenden ProfileDates: Nov 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th 2015 | Time: 6pm

Courtauld alumna and barrister Stephanie Wickenden, will be holding the course which will run during November 2015

Stephanie graduated from the Courtauld (BA 2011) stidied law at Cambridge University and was called to the Bar by Inner Temple in 2014.   Stephanie has a contentious and non-contentious practice covering all IP rights, including licencing and contractual disputes pertaining to IP and IT.

This four week course will equip you with an understanding of the key legal issues which commonly arise in relation to art. Each session will introduce a different key area of law and discuss its application to the art market. The course is suitable both for those who want to know specifically about law in the art market, and those who are considering a further career in law more generally. No prior study of law is necessary.

Session 1 – Key concepts of Law and Art [F44: New Wing]
This session will introduce key concepts of law and the legal system including:

  • Who makes laws and how?
  • What is the relationship between different international laws?
  • What does law prohibit in the art world?
  • What does law require in the art world?
  • I am an artist – how does the law help me?
  • I work in a gallery/auction house/dealership – who might sue me?!

Session 2: Concepts of Ownership 1 (Intellectual Property) [Seminar Room 1]
This session will introduce intellectual property and will cover:

  • Copyright
  • Licensing use of artworks through copyright and contracts
  • The legal definition of “artistic work”
  • Moral Rights
  • Differences in international copyright

Session 3: Concepts of Ownership 2 (Physical Property) [F44: New Wing]
This session will further explore how the law views ownership of art and cultural property, including considerations of:

  • Looted art and restitution
  • Legal issues with graffiti art – case study Banksy
  • Legal issues with appropriation art

Session 4: Art Business and Law [F44: New Wing]
This session considers the most common type of legal agreements and responsibilities which arise in art business, as well as many other commercial spheres:

  • Contracts for sale and loan
  • Case study in Damien Hirst’s studio practices
  • Professional Liability and Negligence – Case study on negligent attribution
  • Art Historians as expert witnesses

Coursework (Optional)If you attend 3 or 4 of the classes you will be eligible to undertake a short piece of written work and complete the course with a certificate in Art Law, graded Pass/Merit/Distinction. This is very useful for CVs! The written work is optional, so you are welcome just to attend the sessions, however you would not receive a certificate.

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