This is an intensive, interactive course from the Institute of Art and Law designed to introduce both art professionals and lawyers to the specific legal risks and safeguards that underpin all art transactions; the course has been redesigned from it’s usual format specifically for Courtauld Law Society members.

It covers buying and selling, lending and borrowing, donating and accepting, disposing and giving away.

It teaches you how to avoid legal trouble and how to get the legal advantage.

Who teaches on the course?
The course will be taught by leading practitioners in the field with sessions from a combination of solicitors, barristers, and law professors. IAL Senior Researcher Emily Gould and Assistant Director Alex Herman will provide teaching and guidance throughout the course.

Who qualifies?
It is open to both lawyers and non-lawyers. Applicants not currently enrolled at the Courtauld Institute should either hold a recognised law degree or possess relevant experience in the field of art or antiquities. Numbers will be limited in order to allow participative discussions.

Course Content
Please find a PDF breakdown of course content here

The assessment consists of a single essay of approximately 5000 words, due several weeks after the course.

Additional Details
The course will run Monday-Friday from September 26-30th 2016. Normally this Diploma spans several months, not of continuous teaching, but spread out with one or two days per month. Consequently, there will only be a very slight condensing of material as each day will be filled with more teaching than on the regular DipAPLE course; sessions will begin at 9am, there will be shorter breaks, and we will finish later than normal. There will also be a substantial amount of reading provided ahead of time which must be digested thoroughly before each session; readings will be provided well in advance so this can done over summer.