Date: 17th Feb 2016

Time: 6pm

Location: Room F44, New Wing, The Courtauld Institute

The talk will provide an overview of the matrix of laws that can affect the art world in different ways, while showing what happens when art-related disputes end up in court. How are lawyers and judges to understand some of the most critical questions about art – what is art, how do we measure artistic qualities and how do we establish the artistic purpose behind a work of art?

Alexander Herman is the Assistant Director of the Institute of Art and Law. He also acts as the IAL Academic Co-ordinator in which role he oversees the academic content and assessment procedure for the distance learning programmes Foundation Certificate in Art Law and the Diploma in Art Law. He has written and presented on an array of topics in relation to art and cultural property, including on international conventions, bilateral cultural property agreements, private arbitration concerning disputed works of art, copyright and the legal implications of art collecting. He is trained in both common law and civil law legal systems and has practised law in Canada in a dual-language environment (English-French).