The Courtauld Institute Law Society aims to facilitate exploration into the fascinating and continually evolving intersection of art and law. The intriguing complexity of the profession and its relentlessly evolving nature with its lasting impact on the world around us is impressive, to say the least. The society is geared both at those interested in pursuing law after their time at the Courtauld, as well as those of you who think you might have a passing interest in the subject.

The events we organise touch on a variety of different subjects, ranging from artist’s resale rights to civil recovery, offering members an intense and broad outlook on English common law and international jurisdictions. Past events included speakers from The Art Loss Register, Collyer Bristow, Boodle Hatfield, Simmons and Simmons, and Hogarth Chambers.

Fully convinced that further and continuing education is the key to skill enhancement and professional success, we have hosted a number of formally certificated courses and aim to increasingly offer a broad variety of interactive seminars to engage both art professionals and lawyers. In 2015 we hosted the formally certificated ‘Introduction to Art Law Course’ over several weeks led by barrister Stephanie Wickenden, as well as three other events with speakers from the Institute for Art & Law, Mischcon de Reya, and Constantine Cannon.

In September 2016 we have exclusively offered the formal Diploma in Art Profession and Law Ethics. This was an intensive, week long, interactive course delivered by the prestigious Institute of Art and Law designed to introduce both art professionals and lawyers to the specific legal risks and safeguards that underpin all art transactions; the course had been redesigned from it’s usual format specifically for Courtauld Law Society members.

Being a member of this society opens up possibilities to learn how to to apply oneself in the midst of an increasingly globalised economy, to face the challenges caused by the interplay of local and international legislation and to adopt to sudden commercial changes in the art world. A very promising prospect indeed.

Professionals from the art and legal worlds and from other law societies are welcome to attend all events, seminars, and lectures; however, only Courtauld students, Courtauld alumnae, and CILS members have discounts on the paying events.

I look forward to seeing you in the coming year.

Davide Jonas Sgarbossa

Chair and Head of Research